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REMNANT ~ Horror Feature Film (Post-Production)

Nicole plays a lead actor role as Anna Symes

A tragic accident, a fractured mind, a body healed by an experimental technology. A young woman becomes supernaturally linked to the horrors of her past. Haunted, hunted, harrowed, she must uncover the truth in order to be free.

The story revolves around Grace, a young woman whose life has been turned upside down by a tragedy. When Grace returns home to the family farm to rebuild her shattered life, her world begins to unravel as a series of strange events haunt her, pushing her to the edge of madness. A mysterious figure lurks in the shadows and a ghostly woman appears in the darkness of night. Is Grace imagining these apparitions, or are they a warning of a nightmare still to come?

Nicole ~ BTS SFX Makeup Preparation for Remnant


2021-2022 Commercials

Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Purezza Premium Water

Two Dollars (Short)

Nicole will be playing the role of Primary School Teacher Ms Johnson, set in 1991, by Cricri Productions.

Victor Hawk Photography

Sindell's War (Short, 2023) 
(Post- Production)
Written and Directed by Lucky Corby

Based on a true story. In the 1920's a soldier with shell-shock came back to the Kenmore Mental hospital, where inside he grew the suspicion that the Doctor and Nurses were there not to help, but to kill him. Plagued with Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, Sindell's perspective is a vehicle wherein we are faced with not knowing what has occurred in reality or within the state of Sindell's mind.

Red Taverna (Short, 2023)
(Post-Production, Written & Directed by Natalie Agathokleous)

Nicole will be playing the lead role of Lo

A drama that explores the themes of a toxic relationship, toxic masculinity, distrust and escape in the 1980s. Nick often hangs out with his friend Johnny at his restaurant after closing. In Nick's head, he is living his best life with his loving wife, Lo and a baby soon to come. That is indeed his thoughts after constantly beating his wife, even though he has recently stopped after hearing the baby news, his anger pushes him over the edge, having his wife fight back for her freedom.

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