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Nicole is an Australian, American and British actress born in California, USA and raised in Sydney and Canberra, Australia.

Nicole is a trained and versatile Actress with experience in all elements of Screen Acting including Presenting, Voice, Movement, Emotions, US & British Accent, Green Screen, Improv and different Acting Techniques from a range of respected industry teachers and acting schools.

Nicole has played roles in a Feature and Short Films, Commercial Work and TV. Nicole has experience in modelling, her modelling website in linked here.

Before acting, Nicole travelled extensively and studied a Bachelor of Arts in Oregon, USA, where she was part of a Sorority and worked as a College Yearbook photographer. She completed her degree in Sydney, Australia before completing a Master of Teaching degree. Nicole worked as a teacher in Australia before training and working professionally as an actor.


Nicole's other hobbies include reading, movies, yoga, netball, tennis, golf, hiking, trivia, art and travelling. She is an animal lover, especially dogs.

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